Co-creation & engagement

Co-creation & engagement

Too often, the topic of air quality can appear overly complex and technical. With hackAIR, we want to involve citizens directly in measuring and publishing outdoor air pollution levels. In doing so, hackAIR contributes to citizen engagement on air quality issues and ultimately helps to encourage behaviour change.

Citizens' observatories

Citizens’ observatories involve citizens as active partners in environmental monitoring and decision-making. The data gathered through the hackAIR project will complement official air quality measurements. Participation in the data gathering effort also contributes to increased public awareness and improves local decision-making.

Engagement and behaviour change

Improving air quality in Europe requires action on a number of levels. Individuals can contribute by

  1. avoiding polluting behaviours (e.g. through their choice of transport);
  2. reducing their own exposure to air pollution (e.g. by adjusting the time and route of travel); or
  3. participating in the public discourse on improved air quality (e.g. by writing letters).

hackAIR will build on research on behaviour change and public engagement to tap into motivations, incentives and interests and increase participation in participatory sensing on air quality.


hackAIR’s participatory approach starts with the co-creation of the hackAIR platform. Together with users, we will design the requirements for the hackAIR platform, in line with technical possibilities. As part of this process, we will conduct workshops in Germany and Norway to ensure that the users’ voice is heard.