Build anĀ open hardware sensor?

Measuring air quality is not just for professionals. With a few electronics components, you can build your own air quality sensor in an afternoon. Measure the particulate matter exposure in your street, or go to locations of interest like schools, parks and industrial complexes.

hackAIR has guidelines for two sensor nodes:

  • hackAIR home. This sensor connects to your home or office internet, and automatically uploads a measurement every ten minutes. You will need to plug it into an electricity socket. The node is based on Arduino and costs ca. 40 EUR.
  • hackAIR mobile. This sensor is powered with a mobile power bank and uploads its measurements through Bluetooth on your phone. You can move it around and measure in multiple locations. The sensor is based on PSOC and costs ca. 50 EUR.
Assembling the wifi shield


  1. Order electronic components
  2. Construct your sensor
  3. Install hackAIR software on your sensor
  4. Measure air quality and upload data to hackAIR