hackAIR is an open technology platform that you can use to access, collect and improve air information on quality in Europe. It consists of:

  • a customisable web application for local air quality information; and
  • a mobile app that citizens can use to access to air quality information or contribute measurements.

APIs will be available for fetching information from/to the database.

Data sources

hackAIR combines official air quality data with a number of community-driven data sources, including:

Open hardware sensor

an easy-to-build open hardware sensor module that transmits regular air quality measurements via Bluetooth;

Image analysis

air quality information derived from mobile phone pictures of the sky; and

Low-tech measurement setup 

a low-tech measurement setup involving cardboard and petroleum jelly.

Read more about the technology behind hackAIR’s sensors

Data fusion

A data fusion algorithm will then be used to merge air quality information from various sources and produce a normalised map of air quality. The algorithm also semantically integrates heterogeneous data (i.e. environmental and user-based) and develops reasoning techniques.

The hackAIR platform will be developed as open source software and distributed for free. Design specifications for hackAIR’s will likewise be openly available.