Upcoming events

Engagement and collaboration are at the heart of hackAIR’s activities. That is why we make an effort to connect with other organisations and communities working on air quality and participatory sensing. In the coming months, we will organise workshops for citizens in multiple European cities. You can meet us at the following occasions.

Upcoming events

Organised by hackAIR
External events with hackAIR participation

More coming soon!

More coming soon!

Past events

Organised by hackAIR
External events with hackAIR participation

11-12 January 2016: hackAIR kick-off meeting (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Project announcement

27 April 2016: hackAIR introduction webinar (online)
Invitation | Presentation (pdf)

30-31 May 2016: hackAIR project meeting (Berlin, Germany)

21 June 2016: hackAIR co-creation workshop (Oslo, Norway)
The workshop was organised to engage with citizens to discuss their experiences regarding measuring and retrieving air quality information. We evaluated existing air quality platforms with the aim to sketch the ideal air quality platform, based on the needs and requirements of the workshops participants.

27 June 2016: hackAIR co-creation workshop (Berlin, Germany)
In this workshop we engage with citizens to discuss their experiences regarding measuring and retrieving air quality information. What should the hackAIR platform look like?

19 October 2016: hackAIR co-creation workshop (Oslo, Norway)
As a follow-up on a previous workshop in June we will present first ideas for both design and functionalities, after which we discuss with the participants whether their requirements have been met or not and how to further improve the hackAIR platform.

20 October 2016: hackAIR co-creation workshop 1 (Berlin, Germany)

10 November 2016: hackAIR co-creation workshop 2 (Berlin, Germany)

18 November 2016: Air Sensing Meeting: Citizen Science on Air Quality(Berlin, Germany)

24-25 November 2016: hackAIR project meeting (Brussels, Belgium)

18-19 May 2017: hackAIR project meeting (Oslo, Norway)

11 July 2017: hackAIR project review meeting (Volos, Greece)

26 September 2017, 11:00 CET: hackAIR webinar (online): Air Sensing Roundtable Initiatives for air quality and participatory sensing.
Invitation | Registration

04-05 October 2017: hackAIR project meeting (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

17-22 April 2016: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 (Vienna, Austria) with NILU

22 April 2016: Making Sense. Advances and explorations in participatory sensing during the Design and the City conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands) with ON:SUBJECT

9-13 May 2016: Living Planet Symposium 2016 (Prague, Czech Republic) with NILU

17 May 2016: 1st International Workshop on the Social Web for Environmental and Ecological Monitoring (SWEEM) with CERTH

18 May 2016: CAPS community meeting and workshop (Berlin, Germany) with DRAXIS

18 May 2016: Technology Forum 2016 (Thessaloniki,Greece) with CERTH, DRAXIS

19-21 May 2016: The ECSA Citizen Science Conference 2016 (Berlin, Germany) with DRAXIS, NILU

31 May – 2 June 2016: GEO European Projects Workshop (Berlin, Germany) with NILU

1 June 2016: 10th GEO European Projects Workshop (Berlin, Germany) with NILU

7-10 June 2016: Citizen Observatories for Water Management (COWM) workshop (Venice, Italy) with NILU

29 June 2016: CAPS Policy Workshop on Digital Social Innovation organised by the DSI4EU (Brussels, Belgium) with VUB 

1-4 September 2016: 28th Annual conference International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) (Rome, Italy) with NILU

10 September 2016: Eindhoven Maker Faire (Eindhoven, Netherlands) with ON:SUBJECT

12-14 September 2016: 1st International Workshop on Internet and Social media for Environmental Monitoring (ISEM 2016) during 3rd International Conference on Internet Science (Florence, Italy) with CERTH and DRAXIS

23 September 2016: Workshop New Perspectives for the Control and Prevention of Air Pollution in Urban Environments (Bucharest, Romania) with NILU

26-27 September 2016: ICT Proposers’ Day (Bratislava, Slovakia) with Draxis

13 October 2016: CIENS Urban Conference: Smart and green cities – for whom? (Oslo, Norway) with NILU

13-14 October 2016: Mapping, Sensing, and Crowdsourcing Geographic Information (London, UK) with NILU

18 October 2016: Round table ‘citizen air quality meter’ (Brussels, Belgium) with VUB

8 November 2016: European Stakeholder Round Table on Citizen and DIY Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (Berlin, Germany) with BUND

14 November 2016: Workshop (Un)plugging Data in Smart City-Regions(Brussels, Belgium) with VUB, ON:SUBJECT

5-6 December 2016: VDI/DECHEMA/GDCh Expert Forum on Atmospheric Chemistry – New and emerging technologies: Impact on air quality and climate (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) with BUND

12-13 December 2016: Citizen Science COST Action – Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe (Berlin with NILU)

1-2 February 2017: Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017 (Rome, Italy) with Draxis

27 February 2017: Haldenkanalen som nasjonalt laboratorium for det grønne skiftet with NILU (Eidsverket, Norway)

13 March 2017: SmarterLabs – Citizen Science for Brussels Air (Brussels, Belgium) with VUB

27 March 2017: Researchers Breakfast on Air Quality & Citizen Science (Brussels, Belgium) with VUB

23-28 April 2017: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 with NILU (Vienna, Austria)

5 May 2017: Making Sense – Citizen Science Air Quality Meetup with ON:SUBJECT (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

22-23 May 2017: Levende grønne byer with NILU (Oslo, Norway)

6 June 2017: GDC webinar ‘Gamification, a driver for behaviour change in sustainable cities’ with VUB and DRAXIS (online)

8-9 June 2017: Beijing International Forum on Metropolitan Clean Air Actions with NILY (Beijing, China)

13 June 2017: Urban Air Quality Partnership – Stakeholders Workshop(London, UK), with DRAXIS

10-14 July 2017: 2nd CAPS Community Workshop (Volos, Greece) with hackAIR project partners

9-17 September 2017: 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair (Thessaloniki, Greece) with DUTH

18-19 September 2017: REQUA Final Workshop (Thessaloniki, Greeze) with DRAXIS.

26-29 September 2017: Health Equity: The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals with NILU (Coimbra, Portugal)

18-20 October 2017: NTNU Sustainability Science Conference with NILU (Trondheim, Norway)

15 November 2017: Clean air working group with BUND (Paris, France)

17-19 November 2017: Bundesdelegiertenversammlung with BUND (Berlin, Germany)

22-24 November 2017: 4th International Conference on Internet Sciencewith CERTH and DRAXIS (Thessaloniki, Greece)