Technical documentation for the hackAIR mobile

This page contains the full technical documentation for the hackAIR mobile sensor, a Bluetooth-enabled air quality sensor based on PSoC.

What is the PSoC BLE?

The PSoC BLE is an embedded platform created for the rapid development of Bluetooth Low Energy applications. It’s intended for hardware developers that need easy to use tools for IoT applications. To program the PSoC BLE you require a USB Programmer module and a computer with the PSoC Programmer software installed.

The steps

  • Gather materials (see below)
  • Assemble the sensor (see assembly guide)
  • Programme the sensor (see programming guide)

Shopping List

Part Description
PSoC BLE Module You will need one PSoC BLE module. The boards are compatible with CY5671, to use other similar modules you will need to change the PSoC Creator project settings.
Dust Sensor One of three supported sensors sensors (SEN0177, SDS011 and PPD42).
USB Module A micro USB breakout board that will be used to power the board, you can order one here.
Jumper Wires You need M/M jumper wires and M/F jumper wires.
Pin header 5-pin 2.54 male
USB power bank incl. cable

You will also need the following tools:

And finally you will need a Windows-based computer to programme the sensor and a smart phone to log and display sensor data.

How to use a hackAIR BLE node

To use a hackAIR node power it using any USB supply (power bank recommended) and start the hackAIR mobile application to log and display sensor data.