hackAIR workshop toolkit

Module 1: Introduction to air quality and citizen science

A general introduction on air quality and why it matters, including main sources of air pollution and impacts on health and the environment. The module also covers how to measure air quality and what we can do to improve it. There will be a short, basic version containing the most important information and a more elaborate version to allow participants to dive deeper into certain aspects, e.g. the impact of different particles on human health or tips on decreasing your own exposure to air pollution.

Facilitation guide | Presentation

Module 2: Introduction to the hackAIR platform

A hands-on session exploring the hackAIR platform. Participants download the app, create user accounts and explore data, maps and trends available. They will experience how they can contribute data and how these contributions make sense to their lives as well.

Facilitation guide | Presentation

Module 3: Build your own sensing device

This is a hands-on workshop module, in which participants build their own open hardware sensing devices. Participants build and set up their own Arduino (‘hackAIR home’) or PSOC (‘hackAIR mobile’) sensing device to install outside their homes afterwards.

Facilitation guide | Presentation | Handout (hackAIR home) | Handout (hackAIR mobile)

Module 4: Air quality adventure

This module brings the hackAIR platform to the streets. Participants are invited to go on an adventure to explore air quality in their neighbourhood. This can be by using the hackAIR app on their phones to take pictures of the sky in multiple locations, or – in addition – by taking a hackAIR mobile sensing device through the city to test them.

Facilitation guide | Handout

Additional resources

To make life easier for local organisers, the workshop toolkit also consists of a set of additional materials that can be used in the preparation and follow-up of the workshops.

Checklist for workshop organisers | Promotional material | Feedback form| Post-workshop report