hackAIR has pilot projects in two countries: Germany and Norway. In addition, workshops and user engagement are planned in Belgium and Greece. Find the latest news about events organised by the hackAIR pilot partners on our events page.

Germany (BUND)

Jörg Farys / BUND

BUND launched hackAIR in Germany in February, and offered its members and other interested citizens small hackAIR home kits. Already in the first week, 170 sensor kits were distributed.

Some of its members plan to map out emissions of coal mines or industrial areas, some are particularly interested to do mobile measurements. In cooperation with its federal offices it will approach active groups to promote local air quality measurement groups.

BUND will use the coming months to reach out to members and environmentalists to establish communities that measure air quality data and get active on air quality. It will organize workshops and meetings with citizens and other initiatives.

Read more at www.bund.net/hackair.

Norway (NILU)

NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research is the coordinator and contact for hackAIR activities in Norway.

In the upcoming months, following the release of the hackAIR platform and apps, NILU will organise workshops and other events to engage with the public and different societal groups.

For more information, contact NILU directly or follow NILU on twitter.