Open air quality datasets

Learn how to use the hackAIR API to contribute your own air quality data – or to access hackAIR’s data automatically.

Thousands of sensors measure air quality across Europe – some are operated by governments, some by researchers and others by citizens like you. In addition to the hackAIR sensors, we are using a number of publicly available data sources to build a full picture of air quality in your neighbourhood and to estimate air quality in locations where no measurements are available yet.

Data sources

At the moment, you can find air quality measurements from the following sources on the hackAIR map: aggregates physical air quality data from public data sources provided by government, research-grade and other sources. Their API provides easy access to official air quality data, the same data that powers the EEA’s official Air Quality Index

Luftdaten has designed a DIY air quality sensor not unlike the hackAIR home. Thanks to their API, all Luftdaten sensors also automatically upload their measurements to hackAIR. Visit

hackAIR also estimates air quality from pictures of the sky. In addition to images submitted through the hackAIR app, we use publicly available sources (including Flickr and webcams) to find more photographs.

Contributing and accessing hackAIR’s data

If you operate your own air quality data source or would like to run additional analysis on hackAIR’s data, you can connect to our system using an application programming interface. You can find the API documentation here: Contact us if you have questions or ideas for improving the API.