How clean is the air you breathe?


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The hackAIR app shows you local air quality and lets you reduce your exposure to air quality. Available for Android and iOS .

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An open technology platform to access, collect and improve air quality information in Europe.

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Take a photo to measure air quality

Take a photo of the sky and upload it to the app to measure local air quality now. Download the app.

Build your own low-tech sensor

Make a simple sensor for air quality from cardboard and petroleum  jelly. Go to the tutorial.


With a few electronic components, you can build your own air quality sensor in an afternoon. Go to the tutorial.


Learn how to use the hackAIR API to contribute your own air quality data – or to access hackAIR’s data automatically. More on the API.

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Explore the platform and the app, and register on the platform. We love feedback to help make hackAIR better

About hackAIR


Air pollution

Air quality is an important issue to Europeans, and pollution with particulate matter causes significant health damage. Read more.


Raising awareness

hackAIR aims to raise awareness of human exposure to air pollution, and enable engagement. Read more.


Inspiring action

hackAIR helps people minimize the risk from particulate matter pollution, and bring about decisions for cleaner air. Read more.

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Build your own sensor case

After you’ve build your hackAIR sensor, you’ll need a case to protect it from the elements. You can use one of the options below, or come up with your own desig...

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