Collective awareness for air quality, thermal comfort and forest fires

hackAIR aims to raise collective awareness about the daily conditions of air quality and thermal comfort, as well as provide information about the probability of forest fires in Europe.

It enables you to easily access information relevant to outdoor air pollution and thermal comfort conditions, and also to contribute to their monitoring by stating your perception about them. In addition, hackAIR informs you on the probability of a forest fire in your area.

Data contributors

Why hackAIR?

Air pollution, thermal comfort and forest fires are environmental issues that may pose risks on human health.

However, it remains difficult for citizens to assess information regarding their exposure to such conditions in their country.

WMS Layers

The hackAIR platform

hackAIR enables you to easily access information relevant to outdoor air pollution and thermal comfort conditions, leveraging the power of environmental intelligence (integration of data from multiple sources, data fusion for areas where no data exist, forecast modelling, estimation of environmental indices, personalised recommendations).
The hackAIR platform comprises of a website and a complementary mobile application which provide you all the information you need to protect your health from environmental conditions.
hackAIR can also integrate data from low-cost open hardware sensors that can easily be assembled by anyone.


  • Receive real-time, historical and forecast information on the status of air quality, thermal comfort and the probability of forest fires.
  • Receive personalised recommendations on various activities based on the environmental conditions and users’ preferences.
  • Participate in a community of like-minded users who are concerned about the effects of air pollution and thermal comfort.
  • Easily engage and participate in monitoring air quality.

hackAIR users

Citizens (e.g. elderly, parents of small children, outdoor sport enthusiasts, conservationists) and app/service developers. Can submit data through the hackAIR platform.
Organisations, environmental organizations, health associations, makerspaces, educational organizations. Can organise local hackAIR workshops to build awareness.
Scientific community (universities, research institutes, NGOs, independent researchers). Can use data to gain insights on air quality patterns; use hackAIR platform and communication channels for dialogue.
Enterprises interested in hackAIR products and services for other health related apps, etc. Can use products and services created by hackAIR.
Local government and transport-related agencies. Can use data to inform public policy.

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