Exposure to heat and air pollution in Europe – cardiopulmonary impacts and benefits of mitigation and adaptation

EXHAUSTION is an Horizon 2020 project that aims to establish exposure projections for extreme heat and air pollution, caused by climate change, based on the most advanced climate modelling efforts. The overall objective of EXHAUSTION is the identification of adaptation strategies that will help avoid premature death and disease among vulnerable groups, including older people, infants, the chronically ill, and people with sensitivities. The project also estimates the costs of the increased vulnerability to heart and lung diseases, and what the variations in costs are dependent on. In the context of EXHAUSTION, a web platform and a mobile application, based on hackAIR, are developed in order to rise citizens’ awareness on extreme heat episodes, air pollution and fire probability.


Air quality monitoring and forecasting using satellite and low-cost sensors deriving data

The Sympnia project aimed to provide citizens with targeted information about the current and forecast levels of air pollution. Sympnia used data from official ground-based air quality monitoring stations and satellites, as well as measurements from low-cost sensors managed by the citizens themselves. In parallel, and in combination with the above data, a high spatial resolution air quality model, WRF-chem, provided citizens with 3-day forecast of air pollution levels in the greater area of Thessaloniki to better inform the public. Sympnia services were supported through the Envi4All platform that was later integrated into the hackAIR platform.



Envi4All is an application that provides direct access to targeted, localised, and easy–to-understand information on air quality (current, forecast, and historical), making use of diverse sources of large datasets of open data on air quality and crowdsourced information on the perception of users on the current air quality levels. Envi4All has been moved to the hackAIR platform to provide a more integrated solution for your needs.

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