How clean is the air you breathe?


hackAIR is an open technology platform that you can use to access, collect and improve air quality information in Europe. It was created by six European organisations as part of an EU-funded project on ‘Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation’ (2016-2018).

This is the archive of the project website. It may not be regularly updated.

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The hackAIR app shows you local air quality and lets you reduce your exposure to air pollution. Available for Android and iOS .

Get your own Sensor

Pre-assembled and pre-programmed hackAIR sensors are no longer available for order.

About hackAIR


Air pollution

Air quality is an important issue to Europeans, and pollution with particulate matter causes significant health damage. Read more.

Raising awareness

hackAIR aims to raise awareness of human exposure to air pollution, and enable engagement. Read more.

Inspiring action

hackAIR helps people minimize the risk from particulate matter pollution, and bring about decisions for cleaner air. Read more.

Results of the project

Highlights and insights

Browse the archive of stories, events and blog posts to get inspired by hackAIR in action.

Tutorials and toolkits

Learn how to make your own air quality sensor from simple electronics and materials or set up your own workshops.

Source code and datasets

Find everything you need to set up your own air quality network and to create new visualisations based on hackAIR’s data.

Publications and deliverables

Explore the science behind hackAIR’s technology and engagement approach and review  project documents.

Stories and updates

hackAIR: A review

hackAIR started in 2016 as a project to develop an open technology toolkit for citizens’ observatories on air quality. It was supported through the EU programme...

Read more

I think this one of best projects I have ever seen. Especially the controller software is great and easy to install. Everything worked from the beginning. Wonderful!

Woot! Love it. I’m in an air quality challenged neighborhood and breaking out my soldering gun to build a sensor! Great project!