hackAIR highlights – August 2016

Interesting articles, reports and news items on air quality, participatory sensing, citizen science and open technology we came across last month. Compiled by @hack_air.


@hack_air organises the workshop Internet for Environmental Monitoring ISEM2016 Florence 12 Sept Registration is free http://bit.ly/2bzW1Vl 

hackAIR @hack_air Aug 12

Great examples of how citizens measure #airquality with low-cost technologies, by the related project @MakingSenseEU bit.ly/2bceGHe

hackAIR @hack_air Aug 15

Project: Measuring air pollution from moving vehicles (article in German) ow.ly/9K8C303eBhv #airquality

hackAIR @hack_air Aug 6

The ‘human sensor’ making Manchester’s air pollution visible ow.ly/IVjY100goFW

hackAIR @hack_air Aug 3

We came across this program to test low cost #airquality #monitoring sensors. Any experiences? @SouthCoastAQMD bit.ly/2atGR2J

Maëlle Salmon ?@ma_salmon Aug 3

@hack_air @SouthCoastAQMD I only know http://db-airmontech.jrc.ec.europa.eu/search.aspx 

Nature News@NatureNews

Researchers must test personal air-quality sensors before we’re flooded w questionable data http://go.nature.com/29CcWdH 

hackAIR @hack_air Aug 18

 #opendata and #airquality: 7 out of 10 most impactful studies use open data. Thanks @sciencerely twitter.com/sciencerely/st…

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