Geospatial analysis & modelling of environmental dynamics

Brief info

Dr Francesco Pilla is lecturer in the Department of Planning and Environmental Policy in University College Dublin and the coordinator of the “iSCAPE-Improving the Smart Control of Air Pollution in Europe” project. His area of expertise is geospatial analysis and modelling of environmental dynamics, which involve the development of environmental pollution models (air, noise, water) and decision support tools using a GIS platform, in order to facilitate the interoperability of input data and research outcomes between the client/final user and the research team.

His work focuses on understanding complex environmental phenomena in order to preempt the impacts resulting from interactions between the human population and the environment. His approach integrates models for environmental pollution with a GIS platform: this is used to assess and predict impacts from built-environment interventions which have the potential to provide population-wide effects.

He uses a range of pervasive and community sensing applications as a means of calibration and validation of GIS models and decision support tools. He acquired considerable experience in networks of environmental sensors for urban environmental monitoring during his collaborations with two different research laboratories in MIT as part of a Fulbright/EPA TechImpact award (2015) and his PhD (2011) research work.

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