Update from the hackAIR team

Nine months have passed since the hackAIR kick-off meeting took place… and we have been busy since! Co-creation workshops, the first technical services on image analysis and data retrieval, privacy impact assessment for users and stakeholders and testing air quality estimation with existing sky-depicting images available on social media. Some examples of activities currently undertaken by our consortium partners. 

image03Panagiota Syropoulou (Draxis)

“We are now testing the component of air quality estimation with existing sky-depicting images available on social media, and trying to make the platform as user-friendly as possible!”

Anastasia Moumtzidou (CERTH)


 “At this moment we are working on three main things. First we’ve just
submitted a report for which we researched how hackAIR will extract data from social media platforms, websites and webcams and host all information. I am developing the first real services by hackAIR; the image analysis module and data retrieval module. And we are updating the social media mining tool. We will soon present some videos to explain this tool!”

image04Arne Fellermann (BUND)

“I’m preparing a series of visits in different local groups throughout Germany to discuss potential applications of our hackAIR tools. One of the latest ideas is to also organise an air quality conference to BUND members in 2017. And in November the first meeting of the air sensing network will take place in Berlin, in which relevant stakeholders will meet to discuss the development and usability of hackAIR in the wider environment.

image02Paulien Coppens (VUB)

“After a first series of co-creation workshops in Berlin and Oslo last June, we are now preparing the second series to explore user requirements in-depth and to gather feedback on the development of the hackAIR platform. We also preparing the privacy impact assessment of end-users and stakeholders to identify and find a solution for the privacy and security risks. Lastly, we research engagement and behavioural change to come up with strategies that promote adoption and usage of hackAIR and stimulate changes in behavioural towards a better air quality.”

image00Hai-Ying Liu (NILU)

“On the 19th of October we organise the second co-creation workshop in Oslo, in which we’ll brainstorm with potential end users about the hackAIR platform to access, collect and upload air quality information. We are constantly working on dissemination at both municipal and national level, aiming at engaging as many participants as possible to contribute to the hackAIR case study in Norway. And NILU is working on developing and implementing a mapping methodology that combines the observations from hackAIR with model information.”

image01Wiebke Herding (ON:SUBJECT)

“This summer we started exploring the use and marketing of hackAIR products and services beyond the project duration. We are building links with other organisations and initiatives in the field, and share knowledge and good ideas about air quality and participatory sensing on Twitter. And of course: we’re happy to present you this newsletter.”

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