Air Sensing Roundtable: Initiatives for air quality and participatory sensing

The main challenges for air quality & participatory sensing include reliability of data, good communication with public authorities and strong community relations. These were the hot topics discussed by participants of the Air Sensing Roundtable webinar on 26 September.

With this webinar, hackAIR provided a platform for participatory sensing initiatives to discuss their approaches, experiences and challenges. What can we learn from each other? How can we join forces to increase citizen participation in air quality sensing?

Three initiatives shared their actions and learnings:

  • CAPTOR | collective awareness platform for tropospheric ozone pollution
  • | sensor toolkit to measure air quality with citizen science
  • hackAIR | open technology platform to access, collect and improve air quality information

In an in-depth discussion, participants active in the field talked about their main challenges and concerns. These include

  • Reliability, data validation and calibration;
  • Communication and relation with public authorities; and
  • Community relations.

Ideas for collaboration were pitched, links to related initiatives were shared and the path for further streams of dialogue for 2017 and 2018 was cleared. hackAIR will use this input to strengthen its launch in January 2018.

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